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How to Know if You are Addicted to Opioids

According to statistics in this website, the international value of opioids is incredibly high and will continue to grow in the next coming years. While they may have some benefits, especially in the management of pain, opioids still pose a great risk. The abuse of drugs such as opioids is dangers since it exposes the uses to risks of overdose and death in some cases. For this reason, it is imperative for one to learn more about the signs of opioid addition. The side effects of opioid overdose to the body are fatal. With time, your tolerance for opioid becomes incredibly high, and this makes it harder to detect when their consumption is in excess. Click here to read more about the signs of opioid addition.

Addiction to opioids can cause a change in person in terms of physical and behavioral symptoms. The first instinct of an addict is usually to tell lies. Aside from that, you can tell from the change in the sleeping patterns of the addict because they always adjust their schedules to get more drugs. Similarly, one can seclude themselves to allow more time for drug use.

Another effect to look out for if you suspect opioid addition is physical change as the drugs can inflict bodily side effects to a person. In addition to the behavioral changes, you can discover the problem if you notice constipation issues in the patient. At the same time, if you see that someone’s skin is flushed and that their heart rate is slow, it is a sign that the issues could become severe due to drug usage. Also, opioid addition can case a dramatic weight loss in the patient. Does the person have puncture marks and wounds that they cannot account for? If the person also has poor hygiene, perhaps it is time to look for professional opioid rehab centers.

The mental health of a person suffering from opioid addition can also become affected. With opioid addiction, it is hard for one to thing for themselves which makes it hard for them to handle any problems that they may experience. Is a loved one acting like they are cut off from their environment? Are they confused most of the time and have poor impulse control? You need to find out if they have been using and misusing opioids if that is the case. If one appears more agitated than normal most of the time, it is likely they are acting distant due to their dependency on drugs.

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